hellooo!! ~ my name is rinee! i am 18 yrs old,
any pronouns, philipines, lesbian, non-binary, taurus,
inftp-t, artiny♡


i like to draw whenever i like, sometimes i procrastinate TT, i practice sometimes with graphic designing (still a noob at it), i don't like foods that are too spicy.. mild spice is okay with me, avocados are not my thing.

before you follow

before you follow, pls keep in mind that i may retweet alot and tweet in caps, i also put out my opinions on smth (though some are in my circle), i mostly tweet about ateez ^^

don't follow if

basic dnf criteria, please do not follow if u start shit unprovoke :/, you're younger than 16, you show any disrespect towards my faves (esp ateez)

cr biogger99 & 805online


ateez jongho, seonghwa, yunho, wooyoung lesserafim yunjin, chaewon
stayc j, yoon, isa


mp100, chainsaw man, spy x family, kimetsu no yaiba, haikyuu, genshin impct, honkai impact.

cr biogger99 & 805online